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Musical Services


Photo by Gideon Sacks

Photo by Gideon Sacks

The power of music cannot be overstated. It moves us, literally and emotionally. It triggers memories we thought were long gone. It penetrates our bodies, heals us, and changes the way our brain is wired. With it you can paint a landscape, express a hidden sentiment, depict a war, celebrate the joys of life, console a crying baby. Why wouldn't you want to create an even bigger impact with your film, game, advertisement, or podcast? Or perhaps you want to do something extraordinary for somebody by commissioning a piece of music to be written in their honour?

Using existing music can be expensive and counterproductive. If you like the sound of a particular piece of music but don't want to bother with licensing costs and contracts, that's where I come in! I can produce something that is similar yet unique, keeping your project completely original, authentic, and free from any prior associations your audience may have with the music.

If you would like me to compose something, please get in touch. The first consultation, completely free of charge, will be spent figuring out exactly what mood or message you are trying to convey, and how this might be achieved musically. Once I have a good idea of what needs to be done, I can send a quote outlining the costs involved.



Is there a certain piece of music you'd love to play - if only you had the sheet music? Do you need a song arranged for a particular group of instruments or singers? Have you found some piano sheet music that's just too difficult or awkward to play? Or have you found an 'easy' piano arrangement that is just too basic, not really capturing the spirit of the original song?

I have done countless arrangements for students, choirs, bands and soloists. I love taking apart a piece of music to figure out its essential parts, so I can put it back together in new and creative ways. Check out my other projects to see some examples of what I've done.

If you would like something arranged, please send a message outlining the following so that I can provide an accurate quote:

Download a free PDF  score of one of my arrangements

Download a free PDF score of one of my arrangements

  1. Your chosen song/track/piece (with a link to the audio, if possible)
  2. Whether or not you need it transcribed (i.e. if no existing sheet music can be found)
  3. Which instruments/voices you will be using
  4. Whether you want the piece arranged in full (with no changes to the length/structure) or with sections cut/extended
  5. The level of proficiency of your players/singers
  6. Any stylistic features you'd like for the arrangement (e.g. in a Jazz style, in the style of Paul McCartney, faster/slower tempo, with a Latin groove etc.)
  7. For solo piano arrangements only: if you'd like fingering included in the notation

Your arrangement will be professionally typed using Sibelius notation software and will include detail such as dynamics, phrasing and articulation. You will receive PDFs of the full score (and parts, if required) as well as an audio or midi track of the arrangement. To give you an example of what the sheet music will look like, here is a free PDF download of Zelda's Theme (from The Ocarina of Time) arranged for solo piano (late elementary - early intermediate level).

Teaching and Accompaniment

I have been teaching piano and music theory for over ten years, both privately and at a prominent Perth high school. Lately I have been teaching some of my students vocal technique, composition, songwriting and improvisation. I am passionate about helping students develop their musicality, knowledge and creativity. Please see my Music Teachers Online profile for more details.

I also accompany other musicians for exams, recitals, eisteddfods, auditions (video and live), weddings and all kinds of other gigs. Check out the video below, where you can hear the piano part I wrote for Menagerie Choir's David Bowie tribute medley. That's me playing on the far left of the stage.

Please don't hesitate to contact me for any teaching or accompaniment services. I have worked with schools, community groups, kids, adults and everyone in between.